That Moment In The Sun

At what a better time of the year with the NFL Championship and this year’s Super Bowl on the line to relate that athletes in all levels in any sport do at some point experience euphoria, a high as you will, of a fleeting moment of sheer excellence unmatched by teammates, opponents, or even themselves. It is often said that like in Athletics many individuals in their own lives experience euphoria and exhilaration in their vocation. For some that moment in the sun happens when the brilliance of the mind sets one apart from all the others. Whether they have stumbled on a successful formula or through trial and error managed to complete and succeed in solving a troublesome problem. For them they too have had that moment in the sun.

But, it is in athletics that most assume athletes when they achieve a certain level of excellence have if for ever how brief a time will achieve their moment in the sun. In the history of sport there have been those who have left a lasting legacy, an undoable mark that have earned them legendary status that placed them at the top of their game. Moments like Bart Star’s dramatic clutch touchdown in the final seconds of the 67′ NFL Championship. That moment in the sun is now a part of football lore.

For ever how brief of a time one has in the sun, it could be just for a split second or over a duration of several seasons they have managed to reach that pinnacle of excellence. Unfortunately, time marches on. It waits for no man. Soon that sun will set leaving only those memories to wash away the tears of sorrow and regret. For many whose age defying abilities have earned them everlasting fame and fortune only to be now past their prime, all that is left are those snap shots of past triumphs pressed between the pages of the mind. And, yet for all those who have witnessed great feats of athletic powerless, academic excellence, or heard rapturous music, or have seen great works of art all have come from those individuals who have had that moment in the sun.

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The Misfortunes of the Georgia Bulldogs

The University of Georgia Football program is one of collegiate sports most talented institutions in the country. With that label comes high expectation to compete for a National Title on a yearly basis. The Bulldogs have disappointed their fans for the last decade by not living up to the preseason hype.

I will not list every hiccup that they have encountered in their pursuit of a National Title but here are a few of them. Two seasons ago they missed playing in what is used to be called the (BCS) Bowl Championship Series National Title Game by coming up a yard short against yours truly the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Title matchup.

Last season they were expected to be one of the contenders to possibly play for the National Title however an early season loss to Clemson and some key injuries on their roster ruined another opportunity for the Dawgs to play in the big dance in January.

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Are You Ready for More College Football Bowl Games?

Americans simply cannot get enough of football on television.

According to a December 26, 2014 article in USA Today entitled “Bowl Game Attendance on Decline But TV Interest Grows,” author Brent Schrotenboer states, “Even though ticket demand is relatively low for lesser bowls, millions of viewers keep watching, even if it’s the Camellia Bowl in Montgomery, Ala., a game that drew just 20,256 fans last week but attracted an average television audience of 1,114,000, according to ESPN.”

Schrotenboer goes on to say, “Only one bowl game last year drew fewer than 1.2 million viewers on average, according to Nielsen. That’s better than the 1.1 million who watched an opening day baseball game last year between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Nationally broadcast regular season baseball games in 2012 and 2013 averaged about 680,000 viewers.”

Can you imagine then the following scenario for the college football bowl season:

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The Gospel According to the Seahawks’ NFC Playoff Game 2015 (The Anatomy of a Miracle)

The Seahawks went into this game having not lost a playoff game since 2012 (by 2 points) and not having lost a playoff game at home since 2004! They were the talk of the football fan world, unlike the last year’s march to the Superbowl when they were undisputed underdogs. They were healthy, they were sharp, the stadium that day as they ran in was like a garden of Eden in a sense. Now, Adam and Eve WERE living in a true paradise – all was beauty, all was good, no sickness, no problems whatsoever, but wait – Adam caught a glimpse of some snake off in the distance. Nevertheless, what could go wrong?

Are you kidding? Within the first quarter the Seahawks had their confidence handed back to them in the form of Green Bay’s 147 offensive yards to Seattle’s THREE yards! Intercepted twice, scored on three times and all in the first quarter. Adam idly stands by as Eve falls for the deceptions of Satan, and everything changes. Now humanity is in for the fight of their very lives, earthly AND eternal.

Hang on now, there is still hope. Even now, the miracle is starting to happen. Twice the Packers have the ball in the first quarter and are driving down the field confidently against the confused Seahawks – three times in fact! And yet two times, including once when it was 4th and goal on the 2 yard line, the Packers settled for a field goal. If they had scored a touchdown either of those times, Seattle would have lost the game. And even while Eve was saying yes to the enemy, God had a plan to redeem mankind already set into place. Didn’t look like much at first, didn’t really look good at all actually. Quite a list of interesting characters in Jesus’ genealogy for sure! But nevertheless, the miracle was starting.

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